This guide quick start guide is a short introduction to the basics of setting up Outbrain Select, posting full-text content to your site and adding it to your Outbrain Amplify campaigns. There are also some optional steps covered at the end of the guide that are recommended but not required. You can read more on each step by following the reference links through to additional knowledgebase articles.

1. Set up an Outbrain Select account

We'll set up your new account for you. Contact your account manager or email us to learn more about getting set up with an Outbrain Select account.

2. Create your syndication template page

Outbrain Select displays the content you post to your site inside a special page called the syndication template. You only need to create one page, one time—every article you post through Outbrain Select will go right into this single template page. You usually just need to create a page through your CMS that includes your normal site layout and navigation (don't forget your calls to action) with the main "content" area blank. You can style what the content will look like right inside Outbrain Select.

Read full details about setting up your syndication template page.

3. Connect your Outbrain campaigns

Drive traffic to your site by amplifying your content through Outbrain . You can easily add your Outbrain Select content to new or existing Outbrain Amplify campaigns. Your account manager will help you set up the integration or our support team can also help you out.

4. Post and promote content

Now you're ready to find interesting, engaging content from Outbrain Select's huge library of articles and videos from premium publishers. Navigate to the Discover area and find an article that will be of interest to your audience (your customers and prospects). In one click you can post it to your site and add it to your Outbrain Amplify campaigns.

Optional steps

In addition to the required steps described above, you can also connect social accounts and add recommendation widgets to drive more traffic to your site and create more engagement for the visitors who come to your site.

Connect your social accounts

Scribit helps you turn social sharing into new customers by making it easy to post content that engages your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. It takes just a few clicks to connect Scribit to your social accounts and when you find and post content you'll also have the option to sharing that content at the same time.

Read full details about setting up social connections.

Add recommendation widgets

You can highlight content you post to your site by using recommendation widgets. Pick a layout, customize the styling, and embed a small piece of code in your site where you want the widget to appear. Then you're ready to start adding content into your new widget!

Read full details about setting up recommendation widgets.

You can find more help about how to get the most out of Scribit in our solutions knowledgebase and if you need more help talk to your account manager or open a support ticket and let us know how we can help!