One great way to promote the content you find in Outbrain Select is to share it in your social channels. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts directly to your Select account, and you can easily share your content out to other social channels such as Google Plus.

Sharing to social channels connected to Select

The first thing you want to do is setup your social connections within the Outbrain Select portal. Then, once you've found an article that you think will be interesting to your followers, you can share that article to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn directly from the Post screen for that article.

When viewing the Post screen for an article, you will see all of your social connections in the "Share" section on the right hand side of the screen. When you share an article, the link that is shared will take people back to your  website to view that syndicated content rather than taking them to someone else's website. You can enter an optional comment to be shared with the link, allowing you to provide your thoughts on the article. Simply select the checkbox beside the social channel(s) to which you want to share and then click the "Post" button. Outbrain Select automatically adds a link to the article on your site to the tweet, Facebook wall post, and LinkedIn update.

After you post the article, you will see a confirmation indicating that the article was shared and the date and time it was shared will now appear under each of the channels you selected.

Note that while you can re-share an article to the same social channel from within the Outbrain Select portal, if you want to remove a social posting you will have to go directly to your account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to remove your post there.

Currently Outbrain Select supports direct posting to the following social destinations:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook personal profile
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn personal profile

Sharing to other social channels

If you're already using a third party social media management (SMM) tool such as Hootsuite to manage social sharing for your company, fear not! You can easily share your Outbrain Select posts using your SMM tool. Simply follow these steps:

1. Find an article in Select that you want to share and post it to your site (you can still add it to Select widgets when you're posting).

2. Once you've posted the article, Outbrain Select generates a unique permanent link that goes to that article on your website and is friendly to social platforms. Copy this link...

3. ...and paste it into your SMM tool

or directly into the website for the social media channel

You've just shared an article that you posted through Outbrain Select using the tool of your choice. Just make sure to use that permanent link so that Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social destinations see the correct article preview.