If you want more information than just the permalink to an article you post through Outbrain Select, you can click the "Get Embed Info" link just above the article title. This will give you access to more detailed information about the article, including the title, the permalink, and a list of thumbnails. Note that you'll have to post the article before you see the Get Embed Info link appear.

When you click the link, the embed information will be displayed.  This includes the title, URL, short URL, snippet, and 4 different image sizes for the thumbnail.  You can use any or all of these pieces of information to create a link to the article. You can see a preview of a particular thumbnail by clicking the eye icon to the right of the thumbnail URL.

You can use the embed information to include short summaries and thumbnails of your posted content in emails (or anywhere else) along with links to read the full content on your site.